What is the Perfect Post for your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram page?

Have you ever wondered what the best post is to engage your followers to your brand and products? We present to you an infographic to show you what a perfect post looks like. Each of these social media networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) have certain rules to what makes a great post. Read more below,


Pinterest Adds New Features to it’s Promote Pins Tool

Business owners and marketers who have been using Pinterest Promoted Pins feature now have additional tools to work with. Pinterest now allows the ability to target people who previously visited their website.  For example if a Pinterest user had already visited your website, when the user returns to Pinterest, the user will see your ads.

Pinterest also launched a look-alike targeting to show ads to people that look similar to a brand’s audience.  For example, if someone on Pinterest looks up clothes and outfits, that person is more likely to be interested in clothing ads.

Pinterest says that tests with look-alike targeting has increased click-through rates by 63%.


Benefits of Social Media

The folks at LYFE has compiled a comprehensive list of the benefits of Social Media.

Take a look at the 75 benefits to your business by having Social Media.


Pinterest iOS App is now available in more languages

Pinterest recently updated their Apple iOS application.  The new changes to the app includes faster loading times of the pins and feeds.   In addition, the app is now readable in 31 languages.

These new changes to the app will be available to Android and web users in the coming months.

Pinterest now has 100 million monthly active users.  Also, 1 million businesses has joined the site.

Using Social Media to Sell Products, Promote Your Brand and Get Customers Involved

Social Media has become a valuable tool to promote your brand, sell products and get customers involved.

Selling your products – having a promo code or coupon code on your Pinterest pins will help with selling your products.  Potential customers are more likely to purchase an item if a good deal is available to them.

Promote your brand – hashtags are a useful way to for users to see your brand.   Facebook, Instagram and Twitter does a good job at promoting brands.

Getting customers involved – Likes and followers are a sure way to get customers involved.   Social Media accounts with alot of followers or likes gets more attention and higher rankings in search results.

The infographic below shows what works.


Twitter and it’s Live-Streaming Aspirations

nfl-twitter-deal1Twitter recently acquire Periscope – the app that allows you to live stream from your cell phone.   Twitter also purchase the rights to live-stream NFL Thursday Night Football games.   In previous seasons, the NFL Thursday Night football games were only available to viewers with the NFL Network channel on their cable TV.   This usually required a special sports package in their cable bill.

These decisions by Twitter shows the importance of video in the growth of social media giants.

Statistics for Social Media and What They Mean for Your Business

In the past 5 years, Social media has become a big part of marketing, advertising and branding.

We look at some of the social media stats (website traffic, follower counts, mentions, hashtag usage and user demographics) from this past year and see what it means to your business.

Here’s is what you need to know.


Nearly everyone uses Facebook.  72% of Internet users in the U.S. are on Facebook.  Pinterest is 2nd at 31% and LinkedIn at 25%.  Clearly, Facebook is where most people go for their social media news.

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The younger demographic is on Instagram.  90% of users on Instagram are under 35.  When nine out of 10 users are less than half-way to 40, you know for sure that this site will be around for awhile.

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Usage on Youtube keeps rising.  100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The average American views about five hours of TV every day.  YouTube now reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than cable networks.  And more and more are spending more time on YouTube than on TV.  YouTube is now worth $40 billion.

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Tweets with hshtags enjoy a 21% higher engagement rate than those with none. Many believe Twitter goal is in being able to participate in relevant online conversations.

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SnapChat is the newest of the Social Media sites on this list and it caters to the younger crowd.  45% of Snapchat’s users are 18 to 24 year olds.



In the U.S., the top 10 searches on Pinterest: Harry Potter, lob hair, Iceland, men’s fashion, pallet projects,bathroom storage, small tattoos, Scandinavian interiors, vegan recipes, and Alice in Wonderland. J.K. Rowling’s wizardly book and movie franchise continues to capture our imagination. Considering more than 70% of Pinterest users are women, it’s unusual to find “men’s fashion” ranking so high, but its probably because women are looking into buying gifts for their husbands or boyfriends.  Also puzzling is America’s fascination with Scandinavian interiors and the frigid island nation of Iceland. It’s just proof almost any interest are being searched on Pinterest.

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How FOREVER 21 Got 1.5 Million Followers on Instagram


Forever 21 success on Instagram is a good example of how brands can succeed on social network.

The list provided below outlines the most fundamental strategies which Forever 21 utilizes to generate and retain followers.

Calls to action can include requests for captions (comments) and announcements directing viewers to promotions or contests.

What works for one brand might not work for another. Forever 21 is a retail brand that is able to maintain popularity while still posting a high number of product photos. They are able to do this by highlighting the self-expressive aspect of fashion.

Forever 21 does not post photos of just shirts and clothes, but rather candid photos and intimate moments over prefabricated promotional shots. Forever 21 uses accessible presentation and language to create humanized content that speaks to their particular brand identity.

Contest are a great way to increase engagement among loyal fans and boost returns on investment. By incentivising followers to re-post photos with hashtags, this is a great way to generate crowd source content.

The Complete Guide To Marketing on Instagram

Here are some photography tips to use for your instagram posts.


What Are the Top 2016 Social Media Trends?

1.) Social Customer Service – Social media has shifted how your company interacts and engages with prospective buyers and customers.

2.) Employee Advocacy is the New Norm – Employees normally have 10 times more followers than your company and interact 8 times more. Get your employees to help promote the company.

3.) Video Continues to take Social World by Storm – From Periscope, to Blab, Facebook Live and Youtube, 2015 was a big year for video marketing. 2016 will be an even bigger year for videos.

4.) Business Get Smarter with Influencer Marketing – If you want to market through a group of eager promoters, you’ll need to tap into the brand ambassadors or niche influencers. Or with more followers, become an ambassador yourself.

5.) Companies Learn How to Show – posts with graphics gets more attention and engagement than those without. A picture can say a thousand words.