Pinterest is becoming more of an image search engine


Pinterest started out as a social network, but it’s becoming more and more of an image search engine.  The company announced that it is moving the “Search” and “Lens” features to its mobile apps.

The Lens feature allows users to take a photo of something and Pinterest will return a results of useful images.  For example, taking a photo of a sofa will return related design ideas and similiar furniture.

 The company says that 85 percent of all searches, both text-based and visual with Lens, occur on a mobile device. That’s a lot of traffic.


The Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest

Here is an infographic on some statistics for user engagement on Pinterest.  Some points to note:





  • 1 in 5 women use Pinterest
  • Mothers are 3x more likely to repin than other users
  • Images with more red/orange gets 2x more repins

Pinterest Teams Up With Samsung’s Bixby to Grow it’s User Base

Pinterest now has 175 million users. Yet, Pinterest is looking for new ways to get more users on their platform.

Pinterest believes future of search will be more about pictures than typing in keywords. Pinterest is in a good position to capitalize in it’s ability to search for photos.

The company has partnered with Samsung new AI assistant Bixby to let you take a photo and then find pins that are relevant on Pinterest.


Update to the Pinterest Chrome Extension Allows Users to Search for Images on Pinterest While Browsing Other Websites


Today’s update to the Pinterest Chrome Extension will allow you to search for images on Pinterest while browsing other websites. This new feature will allow you to see similar items to an item you are currently browing for.

For example, if you find a pair of sunglasses you would like to purchase, by using the Google Chrome Extension plugin, you can search for similar sunglasses on Pinterest to purchase or to simply view other sunglasses.

Pinterest will be rolling out this feature to other browsers in the coming months.

Pinterest app now has new feature to identify objects with your smartphone camera


Pinterest announced a new feature on its mobile app to help users identify objects they project in their smartphone’s camera. By pointing the Pinterest app at objects such as clothes, food, furniture and it’ll return photos it believes are related. For example, if you point the Pinterest app at an apple, the app will give you apple pies, apple slices, applesauce, apple recipes.

Think of Google Goggles for your Pinterest app.

Facebook Messenger Will Allow You to Take Snapchat Like Photos 

Facebook is making one of Snapchat’s best feature a part of their Messenger app.   The messaging app now has the ability to take photos from the front of the phone and will include Augmented Reality type features.  Allowing you to digitally add effects like hats, mustaches to your face.  These new features will be available today via the Apple Store and Google Play.

How to say the same thing differently in the many social media websites of today

There are many Social Media websites out there that caters to different needs and different purposes. You can say the same thing differently among all these different Social Networking sites. Suppose you want to talk about “Coffee”. How would you say it in each Social Media website?

Facebook: “I Like Coffee”

Twitter: “I am drinking #Coffee”

LinkedIn: “I am good at drinking Coffee”

YouTube: “Watch me as I drink coffee”

Pinterest: “Here is a collection of pictures and recipes of coffee drinks”

Quora: “What is the difference between a Latte and a Macchiato?”

Meetup: “Let’s Get together and drink coffee”

Google+: “I am a Google employee who drinks coffee”

Instagram: “Here is a picture of me drinking coffee”


Tools for your Social Media Accounts

In this graphic are 25 social media tools you can use.   These tools allows you to analyze, convert, market, influence your products and brand.



How to Find New Customers Online

Besides posting on social media websites, there other ways to getting new customers.  Some of the tactics you can use,

  1. Private Messaging
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Pay-per-click Ads
  4. Email marketing
  5. Website Widgets
  6. Request email
  7. Change content for search engine optimzation
  8. Guest post on other blogs
  9. Run weekly guest features



10 Ways to Get Your Content Seen

There are 10 ways to getting your content seen by viewers.

1.) Write really good content.

2.) Create content that is relatable now and in the future.

3.) Don’t write too much

4.) Promote the content with SEO specific keywords

5.) Comment on other people’s blogs

6.) Mention other people

7.) Network with other writers

8.) Guest posting on other blogs

9.) Collect email lists

10.) Start groups

for more information, see the infographic below